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A strong financial footing is the lifeblood of any successful business, with companies needing the right amount of capital to invest in staff, enter relevant markets and generally grow and develop as an enterprise.

At Cadre, our team has intense experience supporting businesses in accessing the funds they need to succeed, with our portfolio comprising of all types of businesses at all stages in their growth plan. From finding lenders for startups seeking seed funding to get off the ground, to assisting with series A and B funding rounds for more established companies, our funding support services are limitless.


Team Leader | Tom O'Brien
Headed up by our Finance Expert Tom O'Brien, Cadre are poised to provide exceptional finance services for all of our specified sectors.

Seed Funding

Think that as a startup you have to bear the burden of being cashless? Think again. With a vast portfolio of active investors within our network, we can help you find the right investor to accelerate your growth plans substantially. Through our strategic approach, we boast a great reputation in the UK startup community.

We commonly work with clients that have received an initial investment from peers such as friends and family members and are either already generating or about to generate revenue through their business. Typically, we help businesses that are looking for around £100k- £1M in equity funding.

Building strategies that gain the attention of serious investors  

Researching the value of your business and developing a full business valuation should it be required

Conducting relevant market research to create supporting evidence for your business plan

Establishing a capital structure that clearly communicates what funds are needed whilst outlining any issues that could impact financial millstones being met

Supporting and representing you throughout the negotiations phase. This includes attending meetings and responding to any enquiries on your behalf.

Managing research and development claims

Putting in place a scalable group structure

Ensuring all documentation is signed by the right parties and all tax matters are in line.  

Heading up the SEIS or EIS process

Creating an investment rationale

Series A & B Funding

If your business is seeking funds through a Series A or B funding round then you have found yourself on the right website. That's because the Cadre team is known for supporting businesses looking for funding of between £1M and £10M. Through the corporate finance arm of our business, we help partner businesses with potential, well-suited funders.


Crowdfunding is a great way to fund a venture. Gaining huge amounts of attention and being a great way to market niche ideas that wouldn’t otherwise have access to a receptive audience, crowdfunding makes sense on many levels. At Cadre, we have supported many new businesses throughout the crowdfunding process, helping create a strategic funding plan, advising on which crowdfunding routes to go down and taking care of all the paperwork that this type of investment deal requires.

Funding with Cadre

As you can see, there are many avenues to go down when looking for a cash injection for your business. This is why here at Cadre, we create bespoke funding plans for our clients, ensuring the funding reflects the client’s objectives and growth plans.  

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