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Do you ever feel like you are missing opportunities with your finances?

Do you ever feel like you are missing opportunities with your finances?

Recently we ran a poll on LinkedIn to ask - Should accounts be completed and filed in 9 months (current legal requirement - extended to 12 for Covid), 9 weeks or 9 days?

The results were surprisingly mixed - confirming that a change and adoption of new tech, although started, has only just begun to break the surface of business in the UK.

Internally, we set ourselves a 9-week turnaround for all of our client’s accounts - it is not a hard stop but a target! And since doing this we have noticed our clients reaping the benefits.

They have a better understanding of their business’ performance now, rather than a year later.

The Management accounts for the current year are accurate (they include adjustments) and allow for decisions to be made based on the coming month rather than what has happened in the past.

Their tax liabilities are paid in arrears, if you know them you can “chip” away at this liability before it comes due, therefore “smoothing” cash flow and producing timely and actionable reports.



If you are an R&D qualifying company - then submitting earlier, releases much-needed grants!

To achieve all of this we recommend embracing automation! 

If you are always waiting on your reports then you have no idea what you have done or what can be done. 

We don’t work to a deadline so we can be more innovative and come up with bigger and better ideas. They say you can’t buy time, but we think we have come pretty close.

We promise to deliver in 9 weeks what you could get in 9 months and we welcome any client to challenge us to do it in 9 days.

999, Cadre Advisory creating time.

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